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ProteX At-Home Semen Collection and Insulated Return Transport System

Introducing the first and only product designed by reproductive specialists specifically for the highest quality semen collection and improving sperm health and longevity—all from the privacy of your own home.

The patented design delivers the protection needed for your sperm, improves longevity and increases your chances of conception.

ProteX has been specifically engineered to minimize any harmful temperature shifts that can ultimately damage a sperm sample. ProteX preserves sperm at their most healthy state limiting unfavorable shifts in pH ultimately resulting in a sample with up to 50% greater motility for improved chances of fertilization.

Simple solution. Big benefits. All science.

  • Interior design safely funnels sample into a small protected space to stabilize the sample
  • Insulated design reduces shifts in temperature that can damage sperm
  • May be used with media to help the sample maintain quality and adjust to life outside the body when confirmed by your doctor


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